Standard Screen Door Size + How to Measure the Dimensions

Undertaking a home remodeling project for your front door or patio door? One of the biggest problems that DIY remodelers often face is how to establish the proper measurements for the screen door/storm door. In this blog article, we’ll show you how to accurately determine the dimensions of a screen door.

What is the standard screen door size?

The standard screen door size is 32-38 inches in a typical US home. The width of the storm door should match the trim of the front door that it accompanies. Other factors that also affect the size of the screen door include the door jamb and the door sill.

Screen doors are a great addition to home entryways in summer- as they let in cool air while warding off insects. Before installing a screen door- though- you need to get the sizing right so that it fits perfectly.

How do you measure for a screen door?

To accurately take measurements for a screen door, follow the procedure detailed below:

1. Measure out the width

Starting out from the upper section of your front door, measure out the distance between the left trim and the right trim using a tape measure. Repeat this process for the middle and lower parts of the door. Consider the largest of the three measurements to be your actual width.

Taking the largest measurement is the preferred option because, even if the screen door doesn’t fit, you can always trim it down to size during installation.

2. Measure out the height

After determining the width measurement for your screen door, find out the height by measuring the distance between the right side of the top trim and the right side of the door sill. The upper trim is the horizontal trim whose edges join to the upper parts of the left and right vertical trims. For slanted door sills, you’ll want to measure up to the part where you expect the screen door to meet the sill.

Next, repeat the process on the left side by taking the measurement between the left side of the horizontal top door trim and the left side of the door sill. If this measurement varies from the first one, use the greater of the two as your actual screen door height.

3. Measure the depth of the trim

Measuring out the depth of your trim ensures that the new storm door lays perfectly within the door frame without any need to modify the trim.

Here’s a video showing how to measure a storm door:

What is the rough opening for a screen door?

Screen door brands often include the minimum and maximum rough opening measurements that the screen door can be adjusted to fit.

Typically, for a 36-inch screen door, the rough opening should be 36-inches by 80.5-inches. Standard screen doors should allow for adjustments of 3/8-inches from side to side, and 1-inch at the bottom.

Installing a raised aluminum threshold in the rough opening is a great way to seal the base.

What is the standard size of a sliding screen door?

The standard width of sliding screen doors in the US is 36-inches and 48-inches. Meanwhile, height measurements vary widely. To accurately measure out the height for a sliding storm door, use a heavy-duty tape measure to determine the distance from the top of the bottom track to the lower lip of the U-channel.

Are screen doors universal?

Most screen door brands are universal- as they allow for opening in either direction. You can also open up a universal screen door all the way by removing the spring that keeps it closed.

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