Can You Paint a Storm Door? Guide for Metal + Aluminum

You can paint a metal or aluminum storm door by following easy steps. All you need is to have accurate information and precise tools for you to succeed. You will need to scrap your door clean using wet-dry sandpaper and then apply an appropriate layer of a primer coat before applying the paint of your choice using a paintbrush. Moreover, your storm door will have a new look if you allow it to dry before applying a second coat.

How to Paint a Storm Door

You can involve the services of a pro to help you paint your front door, or you can do it yourself to attain a first-class finish with long-lasting results. Besides, you will cut on the budget if you follow these steps. 

But, before you follow this guide, you need the following tools.

  • Paintbrush.
  • Painters tape
  • Paint scraper, wire brush, or dry-wet sandpaper
  • Tack cloth or damp cloth or painters rag.
  • Gas mask
  • Body filler.
  • Primer. 
  • Color Paint.

The following are guide-by-guide steps to give your storm door a new look.

Clean your storm door

Whether you are painting a metal, wooden, or aluminum storm door, ensure it is well cleaned. Use the paint scraper to remove the original paint flakes on a metal front door or wet-dry sandpaper for a wooden storm door.

But, before you start scraping or sanding the door, protect the glass, door jamb, and doorknob by covering them with strips of plastic. You can remove the door from the hinges and clean it while lying on the ground or clean it when the door is still on its hinges. 

Once you are sure the door surface has an even feel, get rid of the dust on the door using a damp cloth or a tack cloth. Besides, make use of the all-purpose industrial cleaner to have a more pleasing look, free from rust or paint residue.

Apply Body Filler

Your metal or aluminum door might have some dents, scratches, or holes because of the impact it faces. Therefore, you need to apply the auto body filler to cover the dents and scratches to have a perfect finish. Remember to use filler and a hardener to achieve a smooth surface. 

Once again, sand the filler to ensure you have a flat surface of the same level as the surrounding area.

Apply the Primer

Perfect application of primer ensures proper adhesion of paint on your door. In fact, for you to have an easy process, apply the primer while the door is lying horizontally on the ground.

However, you can apply the primer on your vertical door using a paintbrush if you use the correct technique. Besides, painting your metal or aluminum storm door without applying the primer will result in the paint flaking off the door surface.

Apply the paint

Once you have allowed the primer to settle and dry on the door, it is time to apply your favorite paint on the storm door. Remember, your front door brings out the right or wrong impression when people look at it. Therefore, choose the right paint that will bring out the best look for your door.

So, use the paintbrush to spread the paint on the door. Apply long strokes using the painter’s brush, and ensure you apply the paint generously. Remember, paint takes time to dry. Therefore, give your door enough time for it to dry then apply the second coat of paint.

For a perfect finish, you can sand areas with pronounced brush strokes before applying the next coat. Sanding helps to flatten such areas for even spread. 

These steps apply to both sides of your storm door. Therefore, whether you choose to use latex paint, oil-based paint, or spray paints, ensure you give your door enough time to dry for excellent results.

Painting Aluminum Storm Doors

The recommended paint to use on your aluminum storm door is the latex paint and the exterior high grade spray paint. But for faster drying, and even pour of the paint on the door surface, use the high-grade exterior spray paint. 

Therefore, to achieve full coverage of the paint, follow the procedure below. 

  • Remove the glass panels from the door to protect them from being damaged by the paint. Alternatively, you may cover other parts of the door that do not need painting.
  • Start by cleaning the door to remove any dust residue using soapy water and a rag cloth. But to degrease your door, use the all-purpose industrial cleaner.
  • Apply the primer to boost paint adhesion on the door.
  • Use a painter’s brush to apply the latex paint to the door. However, use long strokes that overlap each other to ensure the perfect spread of the paint.
  • For high-grade exterior spray paints, apply light sprays to ensure the proper spreading of the paint.

In fact, paint manufacturers always recommend on the number of coats to use on the door. 

  • Allow the door to dry before applying the second and the third coat.

Moreover, when choosing the paint for the aluminum door, consider its function of providing energy efficiency and the door location on the house.

Experts recommend applying light acrylic paints instead of dark oil-based paints on aluminum storm doors located outside the house.

Can You Paint The Trim of a Storm Door?

To paint the trim of the storm door, follow the guidelines and steps you used when painting the whole door. However, you have to cover the entire door to prevent paint from spilling over. 

Start by cleaning the storm door trim using a sandpaper or paint scraper and remove the dust from the frame using a dump rag. 

Apply the primer followed by the paint of your choice. Besides, you can match the coloring of the trim with that of the door or use a different paint with a different color.

For successful painting, you only need the right tools and techniques listed above. Remember, a natural bristle brush is ideal for oil-based paints, while a synthetic brush works best for latex paints.

Can You Spray Paint a Storm Door?

Spray painting a storm door gives the best results if you follow the instructions started by the paint manufacture.

Moreover, spray painting works well for your metal and aluminum storm door when you clean and scrape the paint flakes and the rust using a wire scraper or sandpaper.

Ensure the door has no old paint residues or dust by wiping the door with a damp cloth. Apply a primer and allow it to dry before applying paint.

Once the primer has dried, apply light spray coats on your metal or aluminum storm door, giving each layer of coating humble time to dry well. Re-coat the storm door using spray paint until you are satisfied with the results.

Best Paint for Storm Doors

For expert paint finish for storm doors, three paints prove to be ideal.

  • Latex paint.
  • Spray paint.
  • Enamel paint. 

 For metal and aluminum storm doors, use spray paints to have the best finish. In fact, using high-grade spray paint ensures a perfect finish compared to a brush that leaves brushstrokes. Moreover, the spray paint takes the shortest time to dry.  

But, for the wooden storm door, apply latex and enamel paint. Remember, the paint results on the wooden storm door will depend on the type of brush that you use and the technique that you apply.


A storm door is meant to withstand harsh climatic conditions such as rain, extreme sunlight, dust, and much more.

Therefore it is common to see these doors get older and have an unpleasant look. However, you can refurbish your storm door to look new again by applying the right paint using the above guide. 

Moreover, for best results, professionals recommend detaching your door from the frame before applying paint. With the best results, it becomes easier when you paint the storm door in a horizontal position. 

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