How to Jam a Door and Keep it Closed

What do you do when you can’t lock your door using the knob? Before repairing the lock and knob, you want to try some temporary fixes. Jamming the door can keep it closed, and there are many ways of doing so before calling a professional to fix it. So, how do you jam a door shut?

The best method I’ve found to work is using a ladder back chair that fits really well. It can jam the door and prevent it from being opened from outside even with a certain degree of force.

Using heavy furniture, nails and a hammer, and a sock are the different ways of jamming your door shut and keep it locked. You can also use a wedge to stop the door from opening when you jam it. I’ve explained further how to apply these hacks below.

Jam a door closed with a chair

How to Jam a Door Shut

To jam your door shut is a simple procedure that you can do yourself. You need the right tools or available material in your home. Besides, to have your door permanently locked, you can buy one or two items from your nearest store. 

Here are ways to jam your door shut:

1. Use a ladder back chair

A ladder back chair acts as a stopper when placed under the door handle. The hack works best if you set the chair back against the door with the top part holding the door handle.

However, it should be in a snug position on the floor. Any push against the door to force it open will make the chair lock against the bottom, making it hard to open.

Note: this method works well if the door you are jamming opens inwards. Also, the height of your door knob may dictate the size of the chair to be used for the door to jam perfectly.

2. Use heavy furniture in your home to jam the door.

Heavy furniture like tables, wall cabinets, and couches can help barricade your door and prevent it from opening. Lug the furniture to hold your door, preferably under the door lever. Remember, this is the contact point when opening the door.

Place the furniture in such a way that it overlaps the door and that the weight and length is well distributed across the midpoint of the door and its frame.

If the frame of your door is kicked in and broken, the furniture will still block the door from opening and keep it shut.

The furniture method will only work well if the door opens inwards. Moreover, for the barricading furniture or tool to be effective, ensure it overlaps the door.

3. Use a hammer and nails to jam the door

This is a permanent way to jam your door and keep it closed. Drive the nails through the shutter and the door frame using the hammer.

However, maintain close spacing and ensure the nails are diagonally driven into the frame. Use nails that are either 3 inches or four inches in length for a firm hold.

4. Use a wedge-shaped object to jam the door

Using a Door Wedge to Jam a Door Shut

In most homes, you will find triangle-shaped objects used to stop the door from slamming. They also act as a protective precaution against hurting your fingers when the door closes.

The wedged objects can also help jam the door when placed and hammered under the door. Remember, use wedge objects made from rubber or wood. A wedge made from this material does not slip when you apply force to open the door. 

5. Shut the door with a security jam bar

Most stores sell these bars designed to help secure the door. The bar, when placed behind a door and firmly pounded on the door frame using nails, the door remains shut, and opening the door from outside will not be easy.

6. Use a rope to jam your door

Use a shoe string to jam a door shut

It is tricky to jam a door that opens outwards. However, you can use a rope, a belt, or a wire to tie the doorknob. Ensure you secure the rope tied to the door handle to a heavy object inside the house, such as a closet, a coach, or a table. Alternatively, use a shoe string that’s strong enough to hold the door and jam it closed.

Unscrew the upper screw holding the door lock plate halfway over and the lower one completely. Back this screw out just enough to loosen the plate then loop your shoestring in half and tuck it under the plate. Now put the bottom screw back in to trap the shoestring and tighten both screws back.

Finally, grab the shoe strings and close the door then just tie them around the handle to lock the door and keep it shut.

Here’s a quick video to help you with the shoestirng method for jamming a door locked:

Can a door stopper keep a door closed?

Yes, a door stopper, like the wedge used to jam your door, will help keep the door closed. However, most door stoppers are meant to withstand minimal force when you push the door from outside. 

You can create a stopper or buy an already designed one from the store. In fact, when you design one, you can customize it according to the space between the door and the floor. This makes the stopper to be more secure.

Remember to use a stopper made from sturdy materials such as wood or rubber because when pushed, the friction is higher than the cheap plastic ones.

Besides, you can design a stopper in different shapes, such as a wedge, a rectangle, and a curved one. Nevertheless, a curved door stopper can be more effective in keeping the door locked on both sides of the door. 

Therefore, the secret is to pick the right size according to the gap under the door. Or, you can use several door stoppers to keep your door shut firmly. 

How to wedge a door shut from the inside

Wedging your door shut is more effective if your door opens inwards. Moreover, it is easy to improvise one or buy one from a designated store.

First, you need to close your door and place a wedge under it. Use a hammer or any object to firmly pound the wedge under the door. 

For the door to firmly hold against any force from the outside, you can use several wedges under the door. Try forcing the door open and see if the door has a weak wedge that you need to push further under the door.

Moreover, using a wedge under the door is more resourceful because the more force is applied from outside, the more it sticks and holds the door.

In addition, it is possible to wedge the door handle to stop it from moving when one tries opening it.

How do you lock a door without a lock?

Locking your door without a lock will depend on whether you permanently want to close it or as a provisional measure as you wait to repair the lock. 

To lock your door, you can do the following.

  • Use a wedge or a door stopper. Put it under the door to keep it locked.
  • You can lock the door using house furniture such as chairs.
  • Use a security barricade bar to keep your door locked. Ensure the bar overlaps the door.
  • Use the kitchen fork to lock your door. Interlock the fork teeth and the handle, and then fix the head of the fork in the hole of the strike plate.
  • Use the rope to secure your doorknob from turning.
  • You can also use a burglar bar to lock the door. It is impossible to force the door open because this bar exerts a lot of strength on the door. However, you can easily remove the bar from the door because of the handles attached to it.

It is easy to jam your door using these methods. But, it will depend on your intention when jamming the door. Moreover, the direction in which the door opens. It can open inwards or outwards. However, to successfully execute any jamming process, ensure you do it right.

You can permanently jam the door or find a quick fix to a faulty door lock. Therefore use a security bar, a door security burglar bar, a hammer, and nails. Or commercial wedge if you want to jam your door permanently. However, consider a door stopper, a rope, a fork, or house furniture to barricade the door for a temporary fix.

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