How to Get Wood Glue Out of Clothes

Besides duct tape, glue is a home essential that can fix sticky situations around the house. Wood glues such as Titebond III and Gorilla Wood Glue create particularly strong adhesive bonds that can hold up for long. However, they can get on clothes, and removing them can also be challenging unless you know a few hacks. So, how do you remove wood glue from clothes?

Dip a washcloth in white vinegar and place it on the patch stained with wood glue. Let the cloth sit on the glue stain until the vinegar saturates the area. Scrape the wood glue with any scraping tool, such as a knife or spoon, then rinse the spot. 

Does wood glue stain clothes?

Wood glue on a piece of cloth

Accidentally smearing wood glue on your clothes can cause unsightly yellow stains. Most wood glue stains are easy to remove, but others, such as Titebond III, are very tough. However, removing them depends on the type of glue, whether the glue stain has dried out on the fabric, and the type of fabric.

Some wood glue types are water-soluble when wet, making cleaning up less hassle. For other more water-resistant varieties, you might have to use ingenuity to remove the stain. 

Fortunately, most wood glue varieties are non-corrosive. You don’t have to worry about the glue eating up a piece of your fabric while cleaning it up. Unlike super glue and other quick-drying adhesives, wood glue can take about 10 -30 minutes before it starts to dry, giving you a few extra minutes to clean up the mess.

How do you get wood glue out of clothes?

You can use different techniques to remove wood glue from your clothes. Some wood glue types, such as the Titebond 3, have water resistance qualities, making removing stains from your clothes challenging. 

Here are a few DIY ideas to remove unwanted wood glue stains from your clothes.

Use a Vinegar (or Ammonia) solution.

Vinegar is a popular household chemical with many practical uses in your house. You can use vinegar to clean, disinfect surfaces, cook, and remove stubborn wood stains on your clothes.

Use a washcloth to apply undiluted white vinegar to the stained fabric. Ensure that you thoroughly soak the affected surface with the cleaning agent and give it about 10 – 15 minutes. Try peeling or scraping off the wood glue from your attire and apply more vinegar where needed. 

Vinegar has acidic properties that soften the glue and make it easier to remove

Some stain patches can be more challenging to remove and might not come off even after a few tries. Try warming your vinegar in a microwave for a few minutes and repeating the above steps. Hot vinegar is more effective at dealing with stubborn wood glue stains that don’t come off easily.

Wet wood glue stains are much easier to remove than dry ones. You can also try rinsing the spill off your clothes as soon as you notice it. 

Use Boiling Water

Water is an effective cleaning agent for many types of glue stains, including Gorilla Wood Glue and Titebond III. Most wood glue types dissolve in water, which makes stain removal much easier for people who don’t want to spend extra on removing wood glue stains from their clothes. Hot water softens the glue and makes it easier to remove.

  1. Bring a considerable amount of water to a boil. 
  2. Soak the affected fabric in the water for about 10-15 minutes. 
  3. Spread out the affected area on a flat surface and gently scrape off the glue from the fabric.

Always read the tag for guidelines on whether hot water use can damage fabric quality before soaking your clothes in the solution.

You can also add a small amount of liquid soap and soak your clothes overnight if the wood glue stain is too stubborn to remove.

Try Using a Hot Iron

You can use a hot iron to remove unwanted gorilla wood glue stains from your clothes. Hot irons use heat to soften the glue and make it easier to peel off the adhesive from your clothing.

  1. Start by placing a piece of brown paper or a clean cotton rag on your ironing board. 
  2. Position your clothing so the stain is on the rag/brown paper bag. 
  3. Switch on your iron box and set the temperature according to the garment’s ironing requirements.
  4. Iron the affected section thoroughly for about 5 minutes.

You can expect the stain to melt onto the brown paper underneath the cloth, where removal is easy. For more stubborn stains, repeat the process until you are confident your garment is stain-free.

The targeted heat from a hot iron is highly effective against glue stains on cotton and other materials with high heat tolerance. Remember to use proper care and follow safety regulations to avoid burning yourself or the fabric.

Use Liquid Soap

Liquid soap can help you to remove traces of wet wood glue stains from your clothes with relative ease. The soap breaks down the bonds within the glue and makes removing the adhesive easier.

  1. Apply a considerable quantity of liquid soap to the affected surface soon after you notice the stain. 
  2. Thoroughly rub the soap on the affected surface until it blends with the glue. You can also use a soft brush to ensure the soap completely dissolves the adhesive. 
  3. Rinse your attire with warm water. 
  4. Repeat the first two steps if the results are not to your liking.

Liquid soap is effective at eradicating water-soluble wood glue stains from your fabric. However, take care not to damage your clothes as some materials, such as silk, are sensitive to some soaps and detergents.

For dried wood glue

It can be challenging to remove dried wood glue stains from different materials. You first have to figure out how to soften or dissolve the glue before attempting to remove it. Extreme temperature variations can help you harden or loosen dry wood glue stains, making removal more manageable.

Use these DIY ideas to remove dried wood glue stains on the fabric.

  • Use white vinegar.
  • Use a hot iron to soften up the dry glue.
  • Soak the affected surface in ammonia as a substitute for vinegar
  • Place your garment in a freezer to harden the glue.
  • Rub alcohol on the affected surface.

Removing wood glue from denim jeans

Denim is a versatile fabric valued for its durability. The fabric bonds with the adhesive, making the wood glue removal more strenuous. Removing wood glue stains from denim can be a hassle.

These are some  DIY ideas on removing wood glue stains from denim.

  • Use a hot iron to soften up the glue.
  • Place your jeans in a freezer for a few hours to allow the glue to harden, then scrape them.
  • Use a vinegar solution to dissolve the glue.
  • Try soaking your jeans in warm, soapy water overnight.


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