Living Room

Light At The End Of The Hall

Antonio and his team help a single Mother Tiffany and her Son Miles.  Changing the room from dark to light would give the Wheeler’s a fresh new outlook into their future.

Bird Nest In The Chimney

Taylor and James are nice couple expecting a new baby, but their living room is sad and dreary, and their chimney has birds nesting in it.  They need a bright, new living room and a working fireplace so that they can entertain when guests want to visit the new baby.

Updated Heirloom

Carol loves her home; it originally belonged to her father and after he passed, has become hers.  Antonio makes over this living room that’s not lived in.

More Than Meets The Eye

Antonio and his crew take three run-down rooms and transform them into completely new spaces. The outcomes are completely unexpected.

Side Room Shananigans

Antonio surprises Eric and Melanie, a happily married pastor and teacher with an office project on their hands. Eric & Melanie are thrilled and overjoyed to have Antonio at their door.

Duplex Demolition

In this episode, Antonio decides to pay a visit to the loving family, The Johnson’s! Antonio and his crew have a plan to turn this “Storage room” into a functional, comfortable and homey living room.

Better Living

Antonio and his crew visit Montgomery, Alabama, Louisville, Kentucky and Jackson, Mississippi in this compilation of greatest living room renovations.

Worthy Causes

Antonio loves to help families in need. These are three of the most deserving families who have faced unbelievable obstacles. When you can do a small favor for someone that transforms their life you know Antonio will do it.

Proper Parlor Party

Mardi Gras will be running through the space that Antonio makes over in this NOLA party house!  With the help of his team, Courtney Bullock receives a makeover she can only dream of.


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