Vinson Landscaping

Vinson Landscaping

Jeremy Vinson is a life-long Montgomery native who has always been drawn to the great outdoors. Growing up as the son of a contractor, Jeremy has been involved in construction ever since he can remember. His father used to take Jeremy and his brother to work with him, with the hope of convincing his boys that manual labor wasn’t a road they wanted to take. Well, that tactic did not work; in fact, it only fueled his passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces, a passion that continues to drive Jeremy every day.

Because of his construction background, Jeremy loves the challenge of creating unique outdoor living areas. His specialty is working with stone and other natural elements to create spaces that transition easily from nature. He thinks that your outdoor space can be just as important to your home as any other room- in fact, it can be even more special when you can enjoy nature along with the company of good friends and family. From outdoor kitchens, to fireplaces, to patios and waterfalls, Jeremy can turn your backyard into a peaceful retreat or a booming entertainment area.

On the other side of the spectrum, Jeremy’s company also performs maintenance services throughout the tri-county area. He has a base of residential clients, some who have been with him for 10 years.

He also performs landscaping maintenance for a large base of commercial accounts, and would be happy to drop by your business for a free estimate. His company handles everything from small doctors’ offices to large, 10-acre industrial accounts, government buildings, and public housing.

Give Jeremy a call if you have a project in mind for your space. He would love the chance work with you and turn your vision into a reality.

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