Landscape Design Studio

Landscape Design Studio

Nelson Byrd founded Landscape Design Studio with the goal of helping Mississippi residents connect meaningfully with their outdoor living spaces. His intention lives on today - the company delights in creating spaces that customers love living in.

Our Philosophy

We believe beautiful spaces aren't created by manipulating the environment to fit our needs. Instead, we focus on revealing what's already there and discovering solutions to accommodate your dreams.

Why We're Different

Connecting with clients is huge to us. That's why we believe in sharing ideas through ongoing collaboration. It's also why we're committed to professional, detail-oriented service. This commitment, as well as our fresh approach to design, is what we're best known for.

Testimonial From Nelson Byrd:

Working with the cast and crew of FIFI was amazing.  Everyone involved from top to bottom had an emotional connection with the families we surprised. At the end of the day, that was what resonates with the team here at Landscape Design Studio.  It has reminded us that while we work to make a living and enjoy what we do, there is a bigger picture in our community we need to never forget.

*Nelson E. Byrd*

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