LaFleur Plantscapes

LaFleur Plantscapes , @LaFleurPlants

LaFleur Plantscapes + Fresh Flora is an environmentally and socially sustainable design firm located in Tucson, AZ.  We specialize in eco-concious event decor, living walls and interior plantscaping.

Throughout our operations we try to make a difference by reducing water use, reducing emissions from car use, reducing energy consumption, reusing and repurposing floral containers and materials, reducing and diverting waste and always buying used before new.

Some of the ways we are sustainable: 
• Support local vendors and farms
• Support independently owned businesses and artists 
• Offer vintage and recycled containers
• Use and sell live plants 
• Offer organic flowers and plants 
• Avoid pesticides and chemicals 
• Avoid floral foam and plastics
• Recycle and compost all waste 
• Donate used floral décor to local non-profits and elder care facilities

LaFleur creates eco-friendly living art  by using indigenous plant life in sustainable designs. 

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