Just Jill Erwin Interiors

Just Jill Erwin Interiors

Just Jill Erwin Interiors LLC is based out of Richmond, Virginia. Founded in 2006, Just Jill strives to make living more comfortable, organized, and aesthetically pleasing, one home at a time! At Just Jill Erwin Interiors, the mission is to transform your home by using existing furnishings and selected décor of your choice to make your home more inviting and comforting to your lifestyle. By working closely with clients, they strive to bring happiness to your life through your own surroundings with a little Just Jill flare. As Just Jill likes to always say... "Give us your house and we'll give you your home".



I wanted to share my experience with Fix It and Finish It, because it was truly one of my best professional moments. Not only did I get to work along side Antonio, but the crew was so friendly and accommodated all my needs. I have even formed close ties with many of them and feel fortunate to call them my friends. I just wanted to give a public thank you to the cast and crew for making one of my lifelong dreams of shooting a national TV design show become a reality. I feel so fortunate to be FIFIs first "Twofer" as they called me for designing two rooms in one day rather than just one. It was definitely hard work but it has proven to be one of my greatest accomplishments. It was unforgettable and I wish the show nothing but success and well wishes. 


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