Firerock, @FireRock_Inc

FireRock is the leading provider of timeless, authentic building materials, including fireplaces, wood flooring and pavers with an expanding line of products.

Each product we offer is reviewed and approved by a renowned group of the nation’s leading architects. Our materials come from some of America’s best suppliers or are produced by artisans based in Birmingham, Alabama.

As a company based in the American South, we are proud to support our country’s architectural history as we work to bring you the finest American-made or sourced building materials. We feel that to bring back the great American home, we must support our local artisans, suppliers and building traditions as we strive to make the best materials available to a wide audience.

Our Promise to You

We strive to provide you with the best, most authentic building materials possible. We maintain a well-trained national sales team and excellent technical support specialists to ensure you receive exceptional service before, during and after your purchase. Our goal is to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations, in turn, making you a loyal fan of FireRock.

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