Diffee Family

Diffee Family

Terrie and I have been married 30 years and have two children, Chelsey, 27 and Anna, 19.  We bought our home in Memphis in 1985 and renovated it shortly afterwards. However, our kitchen became outdated over the years. When we started a business 5 years ago, our house and yard ended up being totally ignored while we worked to be successful in our business.  Terrie, having attended culinary school, loves to cook and is great at it.  When several of our appliances stopped functioning properly years ago, she said we could not get new ones until the whole kitchen was renovated! Because all of our time has been dedicated to the business, the renovation never happened until Fix It and Finish It came along!

We never imagined when we contacted Fix It and Finish It that we would be so lucky and blessed to have them select our space to be renovated.  Terrie has often thought what it would feel like to win the lottery, and according to her, now she knows!  The contractor, designers, and companies who dedicated their time and resources to our space were truly amazing and so devoted to making our kitchen perfect for our family. Antonio and the entire Fix It and Finish It crew were great to work with and loads of fun. Antonio was so energetic and the crew kept us laughing and smiling all day long. This was a life-changing event for us and we are enjoying our kitchen more than ever before.

This renovation belongs in a magazine!! Thanks so much guys!!

—Terrie, Dennis, Chelsey and Anna Diffee

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