Cortez Family

Cortez Family

Alexis Cortez- Born and raised in Tucson, AZ. Registered Nurse, graduated from the University of Arizona. Worked in pediatrics and now a School Nurse.

Fernando Cortez- Born and raised in Tucson, AZ. Graduated from ITT Technical Institute. Software Engineer.

Ayana Cortez- 13 years old, student in 8th grade. Has been playing Softball since she was 5 years old!

Dante Cortez- 5 years old, student in Kindergarten. Loves to play all sports. He started playing T-ball and is currently into football.

Miabella Cortez- 2 years old. She is full of energy and loves to play outside. She is climbing and jumping all over the place! She loves music and loves to dance and sing.

We are the Cortez Family! We have 3 wonderful/beautiful children: Ayana, Dante, and Miabella. We work really hard to provide for them. We are very involved with our children and have them participate in many activities including sports. They love to play baseball/softball, soccer, basketball, football, and just run around in general! We’ve always dreamed of having a yard where our kids can play in and when we finally did, it was sad that our kids couldn't’t play out there! We would often have to go to the park as our backyard was full of rocks, glass, old rusted nails and not to mention a hill of rocks across the entire yard! It was nerve wrecking to have our little toddler out there. We were attached to her hip afraid of what she might find and put in her mouth or of her falling down the rocks. There was so much dust and dirt outside which would get carried inside the house. Our oldest daughter has asthma so this was not  ideal! Now that Fix It and Finish It has provided us with this amazing backyard, our kids practically live outside now! We have been outside almost on a daily basis. We love to entertain out there and the kids are having a blast. We are so blessed and thankful.

Our family would like to thank all of the Fix It & Finish It Staff from the bottom of our hearts!! We are very grateful for everything and in complete awe over how friendly, kind, and down to Earth ALL of the staff members were including Antonio! It didn't feel like a celebrity was in our home because Antonio was just so humble and easy to talk to. This was an experience of a lifetime that we will never forget! We are still in disbelief that something this grand has happened to us. Best of all we are content with our children running around outside because they are in a safe yard now. It is such an amazing feeling!

 A huge thank you to Florencia and her staff at Within Studio, Dave and his staff at All Terrain Landscape Creations, Jeri and The Synthetic Grass Store. You were all so professional, friendly, and wonderful!

Again thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone involved. We seriously cannot thank you all enough! 

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