Beyond Paint

Beyond Paint

“We have a belief that to become better craftsmen, we need to become better people first.”

John Walker

Owner, Beyond Paint

Our approach to working on your home focuses on listening to your desires, educating you about the process, and executing your project in an organized fashion while communicating the process with you, the homeowner.

We are personally very proud that our staff seems to embrace that concept and try to embody it.  Our leaders and owners lead this by example and not expectation.

We don’t often achieve perfection in our pursuit to build the perfect room, at the perfect time, with perfect people, on a perfect budget, and….it doesn’t stop us from trying with each and every client.  We understand that our client’s time is valuable and their home is their safe place.  We honor this by arriving on time starting with the first appointment, providing you with an accurate quote, and executing your vision by keeping quality and communication the goals from the start.  We understand a house is YOUR home first and our workplace second.  We leave our client’s home clean and ready to live in.  A job is not done when we complete the task we are hired for, the project is complete when your home is clean and ready to live in.

Our owner, John Walker, has worked in the trades for 15 years.  He has been licensed in Arizona for 11 years.  We provide a full range of services to complete your entire house remodel.  Please contact us for any project.  We also provide ½ day and 1 day handyman packages.  We understand that clients often wish to see us execute small tasks well before they hire us to complete a large project like a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or even remodel an entire house.

John Walker, Owner

Samantha Madison, Owner

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Beyond Paint

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