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Balducci Builders , @balducci_inc

Balducci Builders, Inc. has made its name in Richmond, Virginia since 1986.  We are family owned and operated and are very proud of the reputation for quality and customer service that we earned over these 30 years.  Whether we’re building a new home, remodeling an existing one or providing electrical services, our clients have come to know us for a company that not only provides impeccable work but who can be trusted and respected as well. 

“When it comes to your home, come to Balducci”.


We had an amazing time working with the film crew and the Poore family during our two episodes of Fix It and Finish It. The day started out early with meeting Antonio, and getting to know the crew and their roles. The day was filled with fun, laughter, hard work and amazing people. The best portion of the day was the reveal to the family. We could hear their responses from outside, and it was very gratifying! We enjoyed the opportunity to get this project completed it one day and make it such a great success! 

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