Instant Antique Planters for Pennies

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Tip Of The Day, Antonio Sabato, Jr. , Aired on Fri 9/5
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The Back Story

Here’s how to turn terra cotta planters into instant antiques for your garden. Get a foam brush and plastic mixing bowl, sand paper, lime powder and a terra cotta pot. Mix lime powder and water like this. Brush it on to coat the entire pot, then let it dry. Sand your pot so it’s lightly coated in some areas and heavier in others. Spray on sealant so your sprinklers don’t rinse off your handy work. Then stand back and admire your antique planter. 

Meet the Guest Stars
Antonio Sabato, Jr. | @Antoniosabatojr

Antonio Sabato Jr. once overlooked Time Square from a 90-foot billboard dressed only in his Calvin Klein underwear.  The iconic fashion designer hired the actor to be the company’s first celebrity model since Mark Wahlberg and it was shot by famed photographer, Herb Ritts.  That combination caused a sensation when the photos appeared in every magazine and hundreds of billboards throughout the world. 

Since then, Antonio has had a long and varied career which most... (full profile)

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