Seasonal Home Maintenance

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From Seasonal Maintenance, Aired on Fri 9/5
Antonio Sabato, Jr. ,

What’s on your home maintenance to-do list? Here’s what’s on mine: season-by-season. Winter’s a good time to vacuum air vents and refrigerator coils, check bathtub caulking, and change furnace filters too. Spring is perfect for cleaning windows and fixing screens. If you can clean rain gutters and check your driveway for cracks. When summer rolls around, maintain your deck and clean patio furniture and grills. In fall, cut back overgrown garden plants and replace smoke detector batteries. And don’t forget to schedule a service call for your furnace before your first chilly day of winter.

  • Vacuum Air Vents and Refrigerator Coils
  • Clean Window Screens with Brush
  • Wash out rain gutters with Hose
  • Check Driveway for Cracks and will with Cement
  • Replace Smoke Detector Batteries yearly

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