How To Build A Water Fountain

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From Building Water Fountain, Aired on Fri 9/5
Antonio Sabato, Jr. ,

What could be more soothing than the sounds of a backyard water fountain? Here is an inexpensive way to make one. Find an area with a nearby electrical outlet then pick out a resin pot instead of a ceramic one. They’re lightweight and much easier to drill through. You’ll need a small pond pump and a bag of river rocks. Fill your pot with rocks halfway. Put your pump on top. Drill a hole about the water line and push the pump cord through it. Add more rocks and fill with water. Plug in your pump, sit back, and enjoy the relaxing sounds of your one of a kind water fountain

  • Resin Pot of your choice
  • River Rocks
  • Water Pump
  • Electric Drill
  • Drill Bit (Exact Size of Pump Tube)
  • Waterproof Lights (Optional)

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