Determining Paint Brushes v. Rollers

Determining Paint Brushes v. Rollers | 0 Comments
From Tip: Paint Brushes vs Rollers, Aired on Fri 9/5
Antonio Sabato, Jr. ,

When it comes to household painting projects, how do you know when to use a roller and when to use a paintbrush? Rollers are best for large, flat surfaces like walls and ceilings. Brushes work well on small, narrow spaces, corners, and moldings. If you’re using gloss or semi-gloss paint on a smooth surface, get a roller with a short nap. For rough surfaces like stucco or brick, you’ll need a longer nap for an even coat. If you’re working with water-based paint, make sure your roller or brush is made from synthetic fibers. Natural bristles are best for oil-based paint. Don’t forget a can of paint thinner for easy cleanup.

  • Paint Brushes
  • Gloss or Semi-Gloss Paint
  • Paint Roller(Depending on surface)
  • Paint Thinner

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