Home Is Where The Heart Is

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said it best, “there’s no place like home.”  That is if the home you are in is comfortable, safe and a place you long to be.  Ideally, home is a special place reflecting the personality of its occupants, is cozy and sets the stage for relaxation and memories.  If only we could all be so fortunate. 

Antonio, his production crew and local renovation teams recognize not everyone has the ideal space.  In an impressive collaborative effort, they are traveling the country helping families fix and finish it in their homes; making dreams come true.

Every day of the week, Antonio Sabato Jr. will take you on location to different cities finding homes in a need of a makeover or repair.  It is no secret every homeowner has a story which includes needing some help finishing the home they’ve always wanted to have.  Who are the winners?  The homeowners are but also so are you.  You will have so many tips and insights after you watch each show, you’ll want to tackle a few projects yourself.

Fix It and Finish It premieres on September 8 on many TV stations around the country.  Click here for a list of where you can tune in.  Not seeing your town on the tune in list?  We have you covered on this website.  Tips, tricks, insights, videos shared here will simplify the mysteries of home renovation.  It is our aim to do everything we can to help you realize the house of your dreams.

We are so confident you will be inspired you’ll want to share your projects with us.  Take a picture and tell everyone you did it!  We are everywhere you are. Fix It and Finish It is in production throughout the year and updating the website daily.  You’ll want to visit often. As for this blog section, we are looking for contributors who love improving homes as much as we do.  Interested?  Contact us for further details.

Y’all, never underestimate the power home!

By Sylvia Avey 

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