Halloween DIY Decorations For Your Home

Here are some easy DIY projects to make your home the best house on the block for all the Trick or Treaters! 

Glow In The Dark Halloween Pumpkins 

Skip carving jack-o-lantern… create glow in the dark halloween pumpkins


Spooky Porch Made of Cheesecloth 

Add a spooky touch to your front porch this Halloween with billowing, tattered draperies made from budget-friendly cheesecloth.


Halloween Recycled Containers 

Add a scary twist to your recycled containers to get a facelift for Halloween - this is an unbelievable transformation!


Simple Window Cut Outs 

A fun accent for your windows. 


Painted Pumpkins 

Carving Pumpkins not your thing?  Why not just paint your pumpkin. 


Fanged Pumpkins 

Easier then carving an entire pumpkin with twice the scare factor! 

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