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Antonio Sabato, Jr. and his crew are traveling the country helping families fix and finish their homes. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, dining room, deck or even restoring a beat up Airstream RV, our team is ready to tackle it all... in ONE DAY! Sorry no condos or duplexes. If you live in one of the following cities submit your home for the chance to win a free home renovation from Antonio!

1. Fill out the entry form, CLICK HERE 

2. Email the entry form and a video of yourself and your family to Fixitfinishitcasting@gmail.com stating why you feel that you and your family would make great candidates for a remodel of one of your rooms in your home. The video must also show the room you wish to be remodeled. You do not have to send the video file in an email attachment. You may send a link where your video can be seen by our producers. The video must meet the video submission guidelines.

3. CLICK HERE for full contest rules and guidelines.

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We have a master bed and bathroom that was to be the first room we remodeled in our new home. It is now the last, along side our backyard which the master bedroom faces. Please -oh please - come see us in North Houston. We would so love and appreciate the help, idea and fulfill our high hopes of of having the expertise of Antonio Sabato, Jr in our home. Thanks Buckets!
I live in Fort Worth Texas. I had a garage attached to my neighbors. They cut off their potion of the garage and made a room. Now my garage has concrete broken and spaces in the walls. It's a mess. I reall need this area fixed. Please could you help us? My brother and I are both on ssd and can't afford it. Please help us. Trena Nevels
Having retired due to health problems, I was unable to remodel 2 of my problem rooms. If I were to win, I think my kitchen would my choice. The bathroom should be something I will be able to handle at a slow pace.
Our house is 13 years old and we still need help finishing the basement, deck, Kathy's office, Kathy's sewing room (a scary disaster) and closets need organization. We have four kitties who are way too embarrassed to bring home any of their friends. Anyway, we would would be outrageously excited (well, I would. Kathy is a bit more conservative about her response.). We live in Hinckley Township, Ohio (16 miles southwest of Cleveland, Ohio), home of the Buzzards. Thank you for your consideration. Enjoy.
I wish you would come to Hinesville, Georgia. We are not that far from Savannah, Ga. Would have loved to enter your contest. Love your show.
I love my kitchen. I am single and I own my own home and sometimes It is so hard for me to do everything I need to do around and to the house. I would love to have my kitchen remodeled. I have been living in my home for 11 years now and I have the same wallpaper up. The wallpaper is finally beginning to come off the walls at the present time I do not have any extra money to paint my kitchen. If I am selected I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much.
This is a house of 86 year old people who have 7 kids and nine grandchildren . Their house needs major help! They live in Highland ,New York. I know that it's not the states. On the list but this is extenuating circumstance so I thought I try express@e.express.com! :) please consider helping them. They are wonderful,people and she still cooks pasta on Sunday for the whole family!!!!
Retired for health reasons,now raising three grandchildren,need more living space
Would love for you all to come to La Center KY and help us out with our house or yard
My home needs a total make over. My husband is disabled and I cannot go up and down the stairs. Our fence fell down because of strong winds. Need a garage desperately. Need everything on one level. I am unemployed. Although we do not live in one of your areas. We hope to be considered. Please help!
Hi there, I would like to find out if you are planning on having future contests for the Fix It and Finish it show. I would love to enter and did not know about it until now. My husband and I live in Kenner, Louisiana (about 10 miles from New Orleans) and we have been living in our house for the past 20 years. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it! Since we moved in I wanted to have a covered patio so I can really enjoy sitting in the back yard without smothering and getting drenched with sweat (we get the morning sun in the front and the afternoon sun in the back) but because one thing or another we have not been able to get one build. Please let me know what I can do to submit an application for the contest.
Thank you so much for your reply. I'm so sorry I don't reside in one of the States you listed but I will still watch your show. I think its awesome!!!!!
very small bathroom less than 15x15 would love to see a beautiful face lift tub has club feet small but cute and i have a window
I record the Fix it and Finish It shows, LOVE them!!! I want to be one of your Fix it people, when I figure out how to send a video. My house is 30 years old and the only house I have ever owned. I'm always glad to come to my home every day. I have tried to fix everything I can by myself. I have cuts and bruises and even got a broke toe. It would be nice to have one of my projects fine tuned.LOL Oh yea, my house was the 10th house built here in this neighbor and I love the neighbor. So maybe you will be hearing from me in the near future. Just got to get someone to help me make a vedio, Wish me luck.
I see in your contest rules that the promotion begins at 8am on June 9th, 2014 and ends at 5pm on June 25th, 2014. Are you still accepting applications for Richmond, VA. My wife is a metalsmith and would like to start a business out of our home. We have one large room that I would like to make into her studio. I would love to be able to enter her in this contest.
Seen you help people out and wish you could do the same for my mom. Our living room and dinning room are total disaters. We live in Alabama and sure could use the make over. Would really like it for my mom.
If your ever in TEXAS, please come to Daingerfield! I need help bad. I'm a 64 widow, will be 65 in March. Living on SS. The more I do the more needs to be done. My house is falling in on me. Call or just come please...HELP!!!! 903-573-1673.
I am a retired 2nd grade teacher. I live in Carthage, Texas. My daughter and son-in- law built a small house in the pasture behind my husband and i. We all had high hopes of my daughter's house being so beautiful, but the outside is brick and stone and looks rather gloomy. My grandchildren, Blair, 7, and Bradley 5, don't invite friends over because the outside is so univiting. There is a pond very close to the house, but their backyard is totally plain and unlandscaped. I many times have a vision of how the area around their house and pond could be, but my small retirement check helps with the care of my 90 yr. old father, and 82 year old mom, both of which have multiple health problems. My one dream before my parents leave this earth is to see them enjoy watching my grand babies frolick and play with their family and friends in their backyard and around the pond. I would melt with joy to see smiles of appreciation on my family's faces. You and your show spread such happiness and hope . Thank you for all that you do!
I am a retired Army vet that lives in West Columbia SC, our house was built in 1965 and we would love to have the kitchen remodeled. We have an oven that a baking sheet wont fit in. My wife hates the kitchen. We have been trying to remodel it for the past ten years but things that are more important always come up. I hurt my back in Iraq a few years ago and I am just not able to do things like I use to. Would love to have a regular oven and dishwasher.
I watch your show each day it is televised and enjoy it very much. Antonio is a great host who truly appears to be humble and credible. I don't think there is any other host that could do a better job! I get a lot of great ideas from Antonio and the other professionals who either "fix it or finish it" those projects within the shows. I also like that you use local vendors during the show as this gives me leads as to who I could use locally for any projects that I need done. Keep up the good work! Memphis, TN
Thank you very much Rick! We appreciate your support and glad that you like the show.
We have a fix it and never finished it project. Actually several....My son and his family moved into this home over five years ago and with running his own painting company has started so many projects and has yet to finish any due to working so hard to provide for his family. The room that has the most living is the kitchen/living room combo. Their little girl is now one year old and has never enjoyed the luxury of having carpet. She has the bruises from falling to prove it. As well as a dysfunctional kitchen with no dining area for the family to sit and enjoy a dinner together. We are 50 miles north of Memphis, TN in the Jonesboro, AR area. Please help this family, what a wonderful Christmas present this would be! Thank you!
Please come to the Atlanta area! I need help with my backyard. I need to make it safe for my 3 young daughters to play outside.
Hi , My name is Vicki Cochran and I am the Mother of Robert Waddle, Mother in law of Casey Waddle and granma of Jake and Maggie Waddle. They have no idea I am contacting you but I noticed that you were looking for families to renovate a kitchen or bath so I was wondering if you would consider doing a home in Cleveland Tn. Casey is going through cancer treatment, Rob is working full time and overtime and their house is becoming a place that is in need of repair to be safe for the kids and Casey. The laundry is in they kitchen and everything was built in the 50’s. They need an updated kitchen and laundry for a growing family. They desperately need a working bathroom for Jake 6 and Maggie is 2 . They have one small bath room that has a bathtub that only works from the shower (no tub baths) and the hot and cold water leak beyond repair. The sink cant be used at all. The 1/2 bath is so small and has the only usable sink working for the family. A master bath for Rob and Casey would be a plus. If you would consider either renovation please let me know and I will send pictures of the kitchen and bath. Thanks Regards Vicki
I would like to be considered for a backyard makeover . In January of 2013, I purchased a house in Millington, TN that turned out to be a nightmare. The roof and bathroom sink leaked requiring a new roof and a new bathroom sink. The whole inside of the house needed painting and required numerous handyman repairs. I take care of my Mom, and now my 23 year old daughter has moved in with us. There is no more money or time left to put into the backyard. It is on four different levels and has a hole in the middle of the backyard where a kiddie pool use to be. My Mom will not go out into the backyard. It is too dangerous. P L E A S E send Antonio and his crew to fix the backyard. Thank you so much.
I am 79 years old and I live in rural Alabama. I don't have much money and I still have to work full time to make ends meet. I love watching your show and it would bring so much joy to me if you could redo my back porch. Nothing would make me happier than relaxing on a nice porch after a hard days work.

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