Enter To Win A $100,000 Home Makeover!

Let Fix It and Finish It take over your home makeover with a chance to win a $100,000 complete home renovation and have Antonio Sabato, Jr. at your home! One lucky person will be randomly selected to receive $100,000 in home makeover goods and services to make improvements of their choice. Click Here to enter your name into the contest before Monday May 4th at 12:00am Eastern Time and winners will be announced on May 6th at 12:00pm.

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Two things on my remodel list are to get organized in my 2 garages, particularly the detached one that's not even finished. And new cupboards, counter tops, and retro turquoise appliances in my kitchen. Thank you!
i need this for my family
I am sure like millions of others, I along with my wife would love to win this make over so that we could have some upgrades to our, almost 20 year old home. My wife is a kidney transplant patient and a cancer survivor, who needs some cleaner air to breathe, and our house is so dusty from an old farm that we live next to. I would love to get a filtration system in our home and a new decking around a pool that she has been asking for, for so long now that helps with her fibromyalgia. She deserves this so much. She never has complained through all her health issues and always gives to others. I would love to be able to give this to her and put a smile on her face. Thanks for listening to my story.
We got a home that we would love to modernIize and have no idea how to design. Did our best to make it stylish. Need help in kitchen, basement, back yard, what help we can get would be much appreciated. Always wanted my dream home and hope my dream wish will come true.Thank you for this opportunity.
please come to my house it need a make over almost as much as i do so you know it needs it bad it is so out dated any little bit would help
My house is 40 years old and looks it.
Like the show I am entering the contest for 100,000 dollar make over
I would really love to get this makeover for my family. We purchased our house 7 years ago as first time home buyers in an effort to move our family out of the city. We are a 5-member household with one. There is mine from a previous marriage, his from a previous relationship and then we have one together. My husband and I both work full time and currently I attend college, hoping to receive my bachelors at the end of this year (fingers double-crossed). My husband graduated at the end of last year earning his Bachelor’s degree. I would really love to win this makeover and not for myself but for my children and especially my husband. To be honest, we have had a lot of hardship since getting married almost 17 years ago (our anniversary is the 17th of June). We have endured tragedy almost annually due to the unexpected loss of close family members on all sides. My daughter’s biological father, my father, my son’s biological mother, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles of each of our individual sides. Most recently 2 years ago my sister passed on Christmas Day. We both have worked and have tried our best to provide for our children. Through it all or maybe despite it all, they have managed to come through it and succeed. My oldest daughter graduated in 2013 and is a nurse, my son is attending college, and our youngest is at the top of her class at her High school. With all the struggles we’ve faced and overcome the one thing that we have tried to maintain but has been our biggest struggle, we have yet to overcome it, is our home. We purchased this house, new, like I said seven years ago. It is a bare minimum house. Three bedrooms, two full baths, unfinished basement, no frills, basic furnishings, mixed match kitchen appliances, didn’t know to ask for appliances when we purchased the house (whoops). We have a wonderful lot, in rural Alabama about .80 of an acre, maybe a little more. It literally has only two trees on it, not much grass to speak of, but a lot of dirt and two lonely dying rose bushes, my feeble attempt at creating the modern suburban home we have always dreamt. My husband tries his best and well to be honest, he not much of a handy man but he works excellent at his day job! (smiles) A couple of years ago our back porch “broke” – the stairs feel off, so we’ve not been able to go into our back yard without coming through the basement for some time, not that there is much to go out to but hey it’s the thought that counts right?! Anyway I know you have a lot of entries to go through and I really just wanted to give you a peek at my family in the hopes that maybe we would be picked! Like I said, I would really love to win this makeover for my family! I think we would all deserve a better place to call home. Thank you for your consideration. Mrs. Kristy Gish
I would love to win this for my parents, Bill and Mary Jo Hardwick, they love your show and have often wistfully mentioned getting their kitchen remodeled. They are in a 40's era ranch that has had bits and pieces fixed and patched over the years. Their kitchen is just awful -- right now they are using a counter top toaster oven because theirs died. They are both retired, my dad served in the Air Force, and are in their late 70's, early 80's. I would love for them to love their home!
So much needs to be done to our HOME. Just to name few, plumbing in both bathrooms, carpet, kitchen needs to be updated, new windows, sprinkler system needs fixed, new doors. God has been good to us in the fact that we were able to get home out of foreclosure 2 times. Keeping up on the mortgage is the best we can do, seeing that our payment has gone up again since that there was a shortage in the escrow account, and it has been a year this past Feb. since my husband had a triple-bypass and has since retired. We will be eternally grateful if we win this contest, but if we don't , I'm sure the person that does win will be thankful and deserving as we would be also.
I would like to start off, as I've just started the next chapter in this life. Three years ago I met a wonderful women from Belarus. Belarus is just South of Russia and North of Ukraine. Yes, we met on line through a site called Cupid. I had been single after a divorce and major surgery in 2004. Some difficult times showed me it was time to move on. Fast forward to 2008, and after working to lose 60 unneeded pounds. I was back in the hospital for emergency surgery. After a two week stay, and rehabilitation. I learned I was not going to be able to return to work, taking an early retirement on limited resources. On my first day of recovery my Ex-wife died suddenly. With the thought of raising our three daughters, life became very busy, demanding and very rewarding. My girls, Brittany, Melissa, and Stacie. Brittany last year made me themost happiest Grandfather. Allison, she has to be the most beautiful baby girl. Melissa my 22 year old sweetie. This has been very difficult on her, she had to grow up over night it seems. Now there's Stacie, my very very special little girl. She's off to college this summer. She has Cerebral Palsy from a difficult two month early birth, but you wouldn't know it from her passion for life. Now what brings me to writing you today. I was watching Rachel Ray show today. I've never been one to beat around the bush, so I'll get right to it. With Stacie going to college soon. Nadia and I have to move. We are buying a home in Arizona City, Arizona. Nadia was called away back to Belarus for some family concerns. She will be away till the 3rd of June. The home we are buying together is in need of some work. This home is not that old, built in 2006. Although it's been a rental all of if life. The owner was never concerned much about the up keep or finishing the landscaping. Now it's not that this house isn't livable at present time, it just needs some love. My hope is to get most of the difficult work done before my wife Nadia returns. I'm not asking for a handout, just not in my nature. Just a helping hand with some ideas. Yours truly, Ollie Dellmar
We would love a complete home makeover!! We have an unfinished bonus room we would love to be an art studio for my kids and I. We also have small backyard I would love to see have a hidden garden feel. We also would love new furniture to update our house. Pick us!!
I have had chronic fibromyalgia for over 15 years and I am also allergic to mold and have asthma. We live in an older home from the 70's and we need to have the downstairs floor treated for moisture. Along with updating the entire house HVAC to make the air healthier to breath in. In edition to any other items that can be suggested to make the house easier to live in. Thank you!
Would love to update my house from the 70's to make it a better place for my wife to live in. Thanks!
There are so many things that need to be done to our HOME. Just to name a few , we have the original A/C UNIT and the house was built in 1958, approximately. the plumbing needs to be updated in both bathrooms,(original toilets too). Kitchen could use an updated,(original kitchen sink too). God has been so good to us in that we were able to get our home out of foreclosure 2 times. We are doing our best to keep current on the mortgage payments as they have gone up since there was a shortage in the escrow account. My husband is limited to what he can do since he had a triple-bypass Feb. 2014 and is now retired. We would be eternally grateful if we could win this contest, but if we don't , I'm sure the winner will be deserving of it as well. Many thanks Teresa and Leonard Sherman
Yes! My house would be perfect! There is a lot of potential, interesting design just waiting for an upgrade. We are in Camarillo and would be totally flexible with filming, ideas, etc.... Thank you for the opportunity to be considered!
We wold love a home make over, we are currently living in the home that my lovely wife Ann's father built in the early 40's. We have a beautiful location on 3 acres of land in Hanover county, and our home could use a face lift and our yard could use some work as well. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to enter this contest. Love your show and would love to be a part of your series. Thanks, Preston & Ann Jarrell
I just had to put my husband into a nursing home. He has advanced Parkinsons Disease. My once beautiful home is in need of much repair. Doorways taken out by walkers and wheelchairs. Flooring been destroyed, etc. We have been married 35 years and he has been sick 23 off that. I am decompressing from all the emotions that you go thru. Now I am just in need of major help in getting my house back in shape. There is no monies to accomplish that. So for now I just keep doors closed because it is so upsetting to me. I am a Retired Realtor here in San Antonio and have helped people for 22 years. Now I am the one that needs so much help. Please Antonio this would be my once in a lifetime true blessing.
I watch this show on tv in my county, yet I am not considered in the viewing area for the contest :( tears, tears :(
It would be a dream come true to be the recipient of the $100,000 home makeover. We are proud homeowners who have a lot of things that need renovating inside and out. We could use new kitchen and bathroom cabinets, new kitchen counters and appliances, painting, new driveway, and landscaping to name a few. Also, we have a lot of the same furnisher we purchased when we first got married, which will be 44 years this June, that needs to be updated. I hope we are the fortunate winners!!! We would be forever grateful!!!! Thank you for this chance to be a winner!!!
Please try to get this show to Miami/South Florida! Thank you!
My wife and I are in our late 70's living in Prattville, Alabama. Our home was built in the 70's and we have done some remodeling but would love to see our come alive for today's lifestyle. We are not able to do this because of age and money. We would love to be able to win this makeover and live in a modern home for the remainder of our lives. My wife is a cancer patient, having survived breast cancer and now has cancer on the outer wall of her colon and in the omentum. She takes an injection every 28 days to slow the growth and I would love to see her face if we were told that we won this makeover.
My wife and I try to watch everyday and really like the remodels that are done. Our living room really needs some help from the old worn out carpet to paint on the walls. I think that Antonio could do wonders for us.
I need my diniing room and back deck fixed. I live in Memphis Tn
I needa makeover bad
i would like to enter to win a home make over for a screened in deck and car port.
Love this show. Gives you plenty of ideas on how to improve your surroundings. Thank you
We watch every day. We help all over. We are both disabled and do not have the money to do improvments. Although this house will need to live here for many years to come.
My hubby & I watch FixitnFinishit Mon. -Friday, unless we have doctor appointments. We've been married over 50 years & need a larger or more room in our living room, if possible. When I go from living room to kitchen in front of his chair Mikle has to pull his feet in so I don't fall over them. I know I speak for both of us in saying, "Please help us if possible." Thanks & God Bless Mikle & Melba Christie 261 Columbia Rd. 208 Emerson, Ar. 71740 870 696 3958

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