DIY Valentine Gifts

Remember how much fun it was in school to decorate Valentines for your friends?  Why not bring back that spirit, but in a little more grown up way?  Check out these fun DIY Décor projects, and fall in love with crafts all over again.

Valentines DIY Heart Backdrop

Learn how to make a super easy, cheap and fun backdrop with Jesi Haack Design. Make it for your next party or just to have around the house, because backdrops make everything better!

Stamped soaps

Stamped soaps, inspired by candy conversation hearts, are great gifts for friends.

Heart Wreath

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful holiday full of love, hearts, flowers and kisses. A Valentine’s Day wreath is a quick project that really makes your home festive and inviting.  Before you buy a new wreath this year check out this beautiful wreath.

DIY Heart Pillow

It’s a time to appreciate those who are closest to you and, what better way than with some homemade heart pillows? Leave one for someone on the bed or in a random spot.

Rustic XOXO Garland

Simple and easy to make, this XOXO Garland will brighten up any room with love. Keep reading to find out how to make your own using the free printable template below.

DIY Valentines Day Burlap Gift Bags

Rustic, simple, and fun for adults and kids alike.  Fill your bags with chocolates, treats, and small love notes. 

Tin Can Valentine’s Votive

This simple, pretty votive, will stage the lighting for a romantic evening.

DIY Valentine Photo Puzzle

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a unique, personal gift.  Look no further than this cute Valentine’s Photo Puzzle.

Valentine’s Day Heart Piñatas

Why not get a group together and have a craft Valentine’s party?  These Piñatas are festive and fun, and make for a great, candy filled party.

DIY Heart Marquee

Fun, and WAY more affordable than buying one at a store, this DIY Heart Marquee will really bring on the loving spirit.



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