America's Best Cupcake from the Little Red Cupcake

The Little Red Cupcake store in Montgomery Alabama might have the world's BEST cupcakes! Nita and Fred Johnson, founders of Little Red Cupcake, recently appeared on an episode of Fix It and Finish It to turn their empty living room into a hangout for the entire family. Antonio renovated the room in their duplex, which serves as their home on one side and their small business on the other. Here is their inspirational story of how the Johnson family turned a fun hobby into a delicious business.

Little Red Cupcake, named in honor of their famous Red Velvet Cake, was actually birthed through the encouragement of family members. The Johnson family is a lot like the 70’s TV family, “The Waltons.” They have many family get-togethers and always have had to bring their red velvet cake.  At almost every function, someone would tell Nita to start selling her cake but she never considered baking as a source of income. 

Before they knew it, people started asking for decorated cakes as well as the red velvet cupcakes.  Taking the cue, the Johnson's decided to take a few cake decorating classes. Now, when people ask, “can you make…..” the answer quickly went from, “I don’t know” to “YES!” They began making hundreds of cakes and cupcakes in the small oven in their home kitchen. This soon became overwhelming for the family so they decided to turn their empty duplex into their own cupcake store. It took a while to relocate from their home kitchen into the new store-front experiencing many ups and downs along the way.  With a lot of determination to complete the store projects, they held their grand opening of Little Red Cupcake on September 9th.

“We never gave up hope on Little Red Cupcake because we knew God was with us.”  Nita shares, “He placed wonderful people in our paths to help us get to this point and beyond. This may be our journey but we are no alone. We are very enthusiastic about our new business but realize this is just the beginning. There is still plenty to learn and you can go as far as your imagination will take you. We look forward to each new challenge.”

  Nita with her cupcakes in her new living room

A day after the Fix It and Finish It team finished the remodel of the Johnson’s living room, Nita and Fred drove to Birmingham to surprise the crew with two dozen fresh cupcakes (which didn’t last long)! So if you are ever in Montgomery Alabama go to the Little Red Cupcake store to try Nita’s famous Red Velvet Cupcake. They are located at the address below and open Wednesday thru Friday from 10:30am – 5:30pm and hoping to begin shipping their cupcakes throughout the US starting in November.  


638 Hall Street

Montgomery, Al 36104



This could not have happened to a nicer, more deserving family. I have known Fred Johnson since April of 2010. He is a super great, funny, Christian guy. Their cupcakes are mouth watering. Here's to Fred, Nita and their son and of course to the success of Little Red Cupcake. You ROCK!

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