Halloween DIY Decorations For Your Home

Here are some easy DIY projects to make your home the best house on the block for all the Trick or Treaters! 

Glow In The Dark Halloween Pumpkins 

Skip carving jack-o-lantern… create glow in the dark halloween pumpkins

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10 Bargain Ideas for Redecorating a Room

Wouldn’t we all like to have a makeover to rejuvenate our homes?  Don’t let a little thing like a budget be your stumbling block.  Here are 10 tips to kick start your inspiration:

1.     Rearrange the furniture you already have - Find a new focal... Read More

About Fix It & Finish It

Fix It & Finish It overhauls one space in one home every day! The homeowners tell why they desperately need a renovation before DIY expert, Antonio Sabato, Jr., and his team surprise them and make their dreams come true! Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, dining room, deck or even... Read More

Antonio Sabato, Jr. to be Surfaces Design and Renovation Show

The Surfaces Design and Renovation Home Show is one of the premiere events in the DIY community. One of our long time partners, Quick-Step Flooring, will be showcasing the latest in flooring trends.

Featured in 
Quick-Step’s 2016
 booth will be Antonio Sabato, Jr., international... Read More

Upgrade Your Dorm Room with these 5 Simple Ideas

It’s that time of year again – raiding Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target and other big box retailers to make sure your dorm room is perfect. The problem? Sometimes it can be expensive, impersonal and impractical. 

Wall Tapestry

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Boost Efficiency with Organized Impressions: 15 Office Organizing Tips

Let’s face it most of us have endless stacks of paperwork, magazines and unfortunately tons of junk mail entering our homes and offices.  In all reality though, all paperwork is the same whether you work in an office, from home, or simply handle your families’ papers.

The... Read More

Quickstep Flooring Helped Transform The Maetschke's Garage Into A Beautiful Dining Room

Maggie and Klein Maetschke were expecting their second child, so space in their home became a premium. Their toddler occupied the nursery, but he would soon need to move into the dining room, which they would turn into a bedroom, to make way for his new baby brother. This left the Maetschkes... Read More

Enter To Win A $100,000 Home Makeover!

Let Fix It and Finish It take over your home makeover with a chance to win a $100,000 complete home renovation and have Antonio Sabato, Jr. at your home! One lucky person will be randomly selected to receive $100,000 in home makeover goods and services to make improvements of their choice.... Read More

Families on Fix It and Finish It Share Their Story!

Check out what some familes appearing on Fix It and Finish It said about their experience being on the show and some backgorund on their lives. 

The Noon Family 

The Noon family loved... Read More

On Fix It And Finish It This Week 4/13-4/17

New Episodes of Fix It & Finish It this week as Roman Harper of the Carolina Panthers stops by to help Antonio Complete a Garage Gym makeover. See what's ahead this week on Fix It and Finish It!

4/13 - Pathetic Deck: Jared and his Aunt have a pathetic deck and a... Read More

Contractor of the week, Balducci Builders from Richmond Virginia.

This week we would like to say a special thank you to Balducci Builders from the episodes Drab Office To Fabulous Bedroom and Our Home Is Our Office. They were able to completely renovate two rooms in one day with superior craftsmanship. Balducci Builders has made its name in Richmond,... Read More

Antonio Sabato, Jr. On The Rachael Ray Show Monday March 30th

Antonio will appear on The Rachael Ray Show on Monday March 30th to talk about Fix It and Finish It! To find the show in your area CLICK HERE 

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Some People Are Just Not Meant For DIY Projects

Just another reason to watch Antonio on Fix It & FInish It to learn the right way to do DIY projects at home! 

Source: Reddit 

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Watch Antonio Sabato, Jr. On Good Morning America and Fox and Friends

Monday March 9th– Good Morning America (ABC)Antonio plays "Throwing Shade" with Lara Spencer: a fun game that allows him to answer design and home decor questions. 

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DIY Valentine Gifts

Remember how much fun it was in school to decorate Valentines for your friends?  Why not bring back that spirit, but in a little more grown up way?  Check out these fun DIY Décor projects, and fall in love with crafts all over again.

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5 DIY Homemade Superbowl Savers!

Superbowl Sunday is just around the corner. Kick up your get together with these money saving DIY decor tips!

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Fan DIY Projects

Everything is bigger in Texas…Even the color! Viewer Boots Walker of San Antonio describes her DIY renovation of drab chairs, into Lone Star State ready décor:

Alright ya’ll, to make a statement, you’ve got to go high gloss.  Start with some antique chairs, and find the... Read More

Fix It & Finish It is Coming to Savannah Georgia! Enter to Win a Free Home Renovation

Antonio Sabato, Jr. and his crew are traveling the country helping families fix and finish their homes. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, dining room, deck or even restoring a beat up Airstream RV, our team is ready to tackle it all... in ONE DAY! Sorry no condos or duplexes. If you... Read More

Fix It & Finish It Renewed For Season 2

We are happy to announce that Fix It & Finish It has been renewed for season two! Bellum Entertainment and Raycom Media have picked-up the series with an order for an additional 150 episodes beginning September 2015. Thank you for the great support from our fans and we are looking forward... Read More

Tips for Decorating Small Spaces For the Holidays

Somerton Dwelling, the small space experts, knows that a little can go a long way when decorating small spaces. Small holiday trees, wreaths and a few wrapped gifts can quickly turn a bah-humbug room into a more festive spot. Here are a... Read More

#FixitChristmas Contest WIN a Pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses!

'Twas two weeks before Christmas and when all thro' the site,

The Viewers were fixing with all of their might. 

The photos were hash-tagged on Instagram with care,

In hopes that Antonio was likely to share.

Here's the dealy-hohoho...... Read More

Fix It & Finish It is Coming to South Carolina! Enter to Win a Free Home Renovation

Antonio Sabato, Jr. and his crew are traveling the country helping families fix and finish their homes. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, dining room, deck or even restoring a beat up Airstream RV, our team is ready to tackle it all... in ONE DAY! Sorry no condos or duplexes. If you... Read More

5 Inexpensive Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas You Can Do Today!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you have a house full of guests coming over.  No extra bucks to give your home the fall flair?  Think again!  Take a look at you current surroundings.  You may just find all the inspiration you need right at your fingertips. 

1. Still... Read More

Organize Your Pantry Before Thanksgiving

1.  Clear canisters save the day. 

This tip is for anyone who has ever reached in to a box of pop tarts just to find the box is empty!! Pulling snacks and food items from the boxes helps you to see exactly what you have.


2.  Ditch the boxes... Read More

Get Organized to Organize

Going through your home and looking at all that needs to be done can be overwhelming. The easiest way to tackle projects is to organize your thoughts, determine the estimated amount of time needed for that project, tackle each project individually and prepare ahead of time. Create a list of... Read More

Let a Mood Board Convey Your Style

What better way to visualize your innermost design dreams than through a mood board?  Don’t think you are creative enough to come up with your own homegrown board?  Not so!  Who knows you better than you?  You know what colors make your heart sing or the ones that make you want to run... Read More

Enter To Win A Free Home Renovation!

Antonio Sabato, Jr. and his crew are traveling the country helping families fix and finish their homes. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, dining room, deck or even restoring a beat up Airstream RV, our team is ready to tackle it all... in ONE DAY! Sorry no condos or duplexes. If you... Read More

10 Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Home For FREE

Home improvement is more popular than ever, which is great for the people that can afford a $500 wall hanging or $375 side table. Fortunately, decorating your house doesn't’t have to break the bank! Here are 10 tips for transforming your space from drab to fab all for next to... Read More

Vote Antonio For Dancing With The Stars

Let's help Antonio and Cheryl Burke advance to the next round of Dancing with the Stars! Vote by calling 1-800-868-3402 or visit the official ABC facebook page by clicking here!

Phone voting begins during the... Read More

18 Design Ideas To Create A Travel Inspired Room

Here are some design ideas that will let you travel the world without leaving your bedroom!

1.Watercolor World Map

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Meet Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Want to meet your favorite handyman Antonio Sabato, Jr.? Then you are in luck because Antonio will be at a Fix It and Finish It meet and greet hosted by Barry Wooley Designs in Louisville Kentucky October 15th from 5:30pm-9:00pm. Barry Wooley Designs is located at 835 E. Main St. Barry... Read More

America's Best Cupcake from the Little Red Cupcake

The Little Red Cupcake store in Montgomery Alabama might have the world's BEST cupcakes! Nita and Fred Johnson, founders of Little Red Cupcake, recently appeared on an episode of Fix It and Finish It to turn their empty living room into a hangout for the entire family. Antonio renovated the... Read More

Living with Construction – 5 Tips for a Peaceful Coexistence

You’ve decided to renovate your home.  Terrific!  In an ideal world, you move out and let the experts do all the work.  You’ve lined up the beach cottage for the next 6 months, right?  Oh, “no” you say?  This blogger feels your pain as she renovated an entire house while living... Read More

Photos From Dancing With The Stars Red Carpet

On the red carpet for the reveal of Antonio Sabato, Jr. with Cheryl Burke on the cast of Dancing with the Stars. 

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Antonio Sabato, Jr. to Compete in Dancing With The Stars

ABC has announced on Good Morning America that Antonio Sabato Jr, the host of Fix It & Finish It, will temporarily trade in his work boots for dancing shoes and compete on the 19th season of Read More

Quote of the Day

Love What YOU Do! 


It always seems impossible until it's done. - Nelson Mandela 


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Submit Your Blog to Fix It and Finish It

We love hearing from viewers about their own renovation and life changing stories. If you have a DIY project or a personal home improvement blog we would love to hear from you. Each week we will select a featured blogger on our website to showcase the amazing projects being completed by our... Read More

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said it best, “there’s no place like home.”  That is if the home you are in is comfortable, safe and a place you long to be.  Ideally, home is a special place reflecting the personality of its occupants, is cozy and sets the stage for relaxation and... Read More

Antonio Gets Wet In Support of The ALS Association

The ice bucket challenge has taken the country by storm to raise awareness and support for the ALS Association. ALS, also know as Lou Gehrig's disease, is a fatal disease that makes people lose muscle control and the life expectancy after diagnosis is between two and five years. On Thursday,... Read More